Would you like to know how to build websites, but don’t know where to start?

We have good news for you: the Drupal Girls workshop is coming to [node:title]!

Drupal Girls [node:title] is part of the global movement, called Coding Girls, a worldwide volunteer driven initiative that is aiming to introduce women to the world of technology and increase diversity in the tech sphere. We believe that technology is the future and everyone should be part of it. That is why we provide the opportunity to learn how to code and become one of us – Coding Girls!

During the workshop you will work through a tutorial in small groups with mentors. Our mentors are experienced Drupal developers who contribute their time, knowledge and energy for you and Drupal Girls.

The participants will discover the amazing world of Drupal and learn more about the opportunities which this amazing open source content management system and framework has to offer. Building your first website is easier than you think!